Monday, September 30, 2013

An Update on Homeschooling =)

So after a month of homeschooling, we are LOVING it!! 

I've been pretty busy since we started last month so I haven't had a lot of time to update my blog.  But Kade is now reading 58 sight words out of his deck which we just whipped out roughly three weeks ago.  This past week he read his first book to me, then to his speech therapist =) Proud mommy moment!!  And not only reading, but also spelling these words. And he's also spelling words on signs and restaurants.  I love to read & write, so the fact that I've got my child excited about this and his education in general shows me that the sky is the limit!

This time last year, we were waiting to get a spot at therapy to get his speech to take off.  This year I have got him reading one month into homeschool, SUPER encouraging.  I was having doubts about whether he would succeed with me as his teacher.  This was simply due to the fact that I lacked support from so many friends and family.  We have time for school, therapy, drums & LIFE!! 

Thank you so much to my readers and to all my visitors from Bloggy Moms.  Show some love by following, commenting, etc & i'll return the favor.  

Monday, September 23, 2013

Judgemental Much??

Today I had an offensive article in my newsfeed as I scrolled through my Facebook today.  It read "8 Ridiculous Reasons Parents Homeschool Their Kids."  I am currently homeschooling my 4 year old and starting to transition my daughter into the mix as well.  I found this list rather judgemental.  

Apparently this woman has narrowed down the reasons why us homeschool moms do so.  I will admit, a few of them are correct, while others are ludicrous. 

I am very concerned that our country no longer wants God in our schools.  My son, who has struggled with speech problems, can tell you all about Jesus & Saul's encounter on Damascus.  He can also memorize his bible verses, and some of his favorite songs are the ones we sing at church.  My children will be raised in a Christian environment.  According to this lady, I'm a "nut" for this. She stated, "There are going to be a lot of places in life where your child shouldn't pray. Time and place, folks, time and place." Seriously? I refuse to send my child to a place where they aren't free to pray.  Jesus is the only hope we have.  He died for our sins, yet i'm wrong to say I don't agree with banning him from our schools.  No way.  This bothers me.  This woman must obviously need to strengthen her relationship with Jesus or seek salvation.  I would never send my children off to school and tell them, "Be sure you don't pray, you may offend someone."

I am just very offended that homeschooling parents are now just considered crazy & "ridiculous". My 4 year old is now reading 46 sight words, learning to sit still for lengthened periods of time, tracing VERY well, and writing and drawing better by the day.  I just ask that all of you homeschool moms, keep your heads up and ignore those who put us down.  We all have the right to decide what we want for our children, down to their education.  I will be praying for all of us, even if some think that we "shouldn't". Have a blessed day, ladies =)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Bit Slack

So I've been a bit behind on writing just about life in general.  

Well this past month my husband & I decided we were tired of our living situation.  We own a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom house that has been sufficient until recently.  A 21 month old & a 4 year old cannot share play areas in perfect harmony.  No duh, huh?  The fighting had gotten to the point that the kids spent more time in time out than they did actually playing at home.  My parents have land galore & all of the kids' yard toys anyhow.  Not to mention our land is directly in front of theirs.  So we decided to move on in with them.  We have been with them for about 4 weeks now.  The fighting has slowed down drastically.  

And I've always heard that moving back in with your parents once you've been on your own is the WORST idea.  Things haven't been picture perfect.  But it's over simple things like, "Why is the dishwasher running again?"  Seriously.  So happy with our current living arrangements.  We've also decreased some debt by turning off utilities.  Our dream home will be a reality as soon as our current home is sold or rented.

Another thing that has kept me from blogging as frequently as i'd like.  Sickness.  My children have had this horrible crud and have been so sweet as to share it with me.  Fevers.  Chest pain.  Horrible cough.  Sweet, huh?  Seriously i've been taking temps, wiping noses, cleaning vomit, administering meds, and sleeping in between.  For a month.  So glad it's nearly moved out of our home.  

We've also added a new family member.  She's furry, has four paws & bites ankles.  My kids are over the moon.  One trip to pick up a booster from my cousin & It was a done deal.  She is a lab/cocker spaniel mix and goes by the name Duff.  My son saw a dog named Duff on "Too Cute Puppies" and has been saving the name for weeks.  Anyhow, here's a picture of our new baby. 

And lastly, homeschool has been going AMAZING.  Kade is now reading 26 sight words.  I bought this deck of cards for $5 when I decided to homeschool.  It's a deck by Mead, includes 55 cards.  Kade is excelling in every activity & subject we have done so far.  He begs to do school, even when he's sick.  Just a quick update on school.  Thank you for reading!!