Monday, December 30, 2013


So, I know just off the title alone, that the post is probably expected to be something I won't live up to.  I have made lists of resolutions year after year & given them up within the first week of the year.  This year is different, I have several reasons for wanting to stick to these.  I'll list them with the resolution.  And of course, I plan to blog on it ALL year.  

1) I plan to blog WAY more.  

Maybe daily.  I love interacting with mommies and getting and giving advice.  SO nice to see how we do things alike, and how we do them differently as well.  Also, I HOPE to eventually turn my blogging into writing & hopefully into an income.  My hopes are high but I have faith in myself.

2) I plan to stick to a strict budget.  

My hubby & I are trying to sell our current home & build our dream home.  I hope to be able to make these numbers work and make my Pinterest board for my home a reality!

3) I plan to coupon WAY MORE.  

As in, I hope to blog shortly with a grocery trip that I've saved 75% or more on.  Eventually I would love to ONLY be buying meat and things coupons aren't available on for my household.  Wiping that bill out of our budget or slashing it will make a tremendous difference for this household of 4.

4) I AM getting in shape.

Like right now.  I had surgery, as you know, December 2nd.  I go back to the doctor about my hernia January 7th.  I'm hoping that IF I need surgery, I can bounce back quickly.  I'm ready to be lifting weights and squatting with weight again.  

5) I plan to run my first 5K.

Today, I decided I felt well enough to add the C25K app on my iPhone again.  I started it and my legs feel just a tad like Jell-O.  Taking time off from running was silly, but necessary with all of my health issues.  As soon as I have a release from my doctors, I plan to train & make this a reality before the year is through.

6) I will attend my first (and hopefully not last) home school convention.

It's in March & it's right here at home.  I'm SO excited.  We have made HUGE progress since August and I'm hoping to continue homeschooling my babies until they reach college.  This year we picked from a few simple curriculums, but i'm hoping to find one I'd like to commit to =) Any suggestions ARE welcome ladies ;)

7) I Plan to be more organized.

Seriously, this is starting with my kids' room.  My cabinet for the kids' school is a mess however.  January 1st is a great time to start.

8) I want to stop hoarding stuff I don't use or won't need.

Craigslist, eBay, FB, yard sales.  It's going down.

These are just a few.  I have a few I'd like to keep to myself and work on without a soul knowing.  I'm just hoping I will stick to a few of these and be able to have something to show for it when December 31st 2014 rolls around ;)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Organ Removal with two small children...

So, yesterday I had both of my tubes removed, ovarian cysts removed, an ablation ( I knew about all of this) & they also found a hernia (totally unexpected).  I had been in a TON of pain and I had major swelling.  Going into this surgery thinking I would be absolutely miserable, not able to do anything, and have two children who would be furious with mama for not being able to hold them.


Kyleigh is only 2 and from simply seeing the bloody "boo-boo stickers" knows that mommy can't pick her up.  Instead, she holds my hand and patiently walks beside me.  When I want to snuggle with her, I cram a pillow between us and she lays on my chest.  Totally cooperative for a 2 year old if I may say so!

Kade (4) is completely grossed out seeing my stomach all bloated, gross steri-strips, and VERY protective.  He has scolded his sister for even being rough around me.  He constantly tells me that he loves me and asks if I'm okay.  

This experience will hopefully eliminate all of this ridiculous pain I've had.  And it's totally rocked my socks off as far as showing me how mature these kiddos are!

Just wanted to share & brag a tad ;)