Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bonus Disney Movie Rewards Points

Right now you have the opportunity to get an additional 25 bonus points.  These codes are simply entered into the magic code box. I received an email with the riddles and jumbled letters.  Go & enter these points now for a holiday bonus ;)


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Our Week Thus Far

The video pretty much speaks for itself.  We added sissy in the mix this past week and she's learning lots.  This was just a video of her goofing off.  Kade is now up to reading 85 words.  He can read level one early reader books with very little assistance whatsoever.  Not too shabby for a four year old if I may say so.  He's coming along very well with his handwriting.  I've been putting a lot of consideration into the homeschool associations in my area, with one I'm certain I'll go with.  And looking into co-ops as well so we can have field trips with other homeschoolers.  It has been SO rewarding to watch him learn.  I see all of his strengths and weaknesses myself and I'm able to correct them before they're ever a problem. 

This past week, we've also went on a playdate with some other homeschoolers for story time at the library.  Needless to say, my kids have to work on etiquette as far as the whole being quiet so others can read and study.  Anyhow, we read Halloween stories & made a spider hat.  And had fun meeting some new friends.

This is Kade's spider hat.  He's still quite hooked on it.

We've also gotten HOOKED on new ways to make pizza at home.  Our hands down favorite thus far is crescent rolls.  I used the Pillsbury Grands flaky layers crescent rolls, some EVOO, sauce, Italian 6 cheese shredded cheese & of course pepperoni.  Quick & easy and pleases even my picky eater. 

We also made homemade bubbles.  This "recipe" was supposed to make the monster, unbreakable bubbles.  NOT so.  These bubbles didn't get big at all.  I think partly because it was too diluted to make a big bubble.  But the kids loved them, that is, until Miss Priss got them in her eyes.  Then she was over it.

This evening I'll be picking up some cane poles for some new activities & projects.  Of course they'll be featured on the blog as soon as I have them done and tested out by my crew. 

Thank you again for reading!! Hope you all have a blessed day =)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Our Week In Pictures (with some captions thrown in ;) )

So we got this on Monday for free =)  A local church CDC wasn't using it, it wouldn't stay together well with so many kids on it.  However, it is perfect for my two =)
The pup learned how to fetch.
When Sissy fights a nap, this is how she does her coloring sheet/snack time while we do school.
Kade is reading more as the day passes. TONS for a four year old if I may say so!
This gray tree frog showed up on the barn & made friends with us.  First with me, until I could convince Kade that he wasn't gross.  Yes, I pick up slimy things for my boy.
Fred the frog became a BFF in minutes.
Biscuit Pizza.  MY picky eater LOVED it.
And here's proof.
SO, after many failed attempts to taking my child to have his teeth cleaned...SUCCESS!!  AND, not a single cavity!!
Wasn't even bothered with the dentist using the "scraper" to count his teeth.
He did receive a bribe toy.  Which was also partially given because of all of the new foods he tried this week.
The pup learned she's not a fan of goats.  And vice versa.
Burning leaves & the sunlight through the wood ceiling made for this beautiful picture.

I've gotten a tad behind on my blog.  But my child is learning so much, reading TONS of new words, and wanting more books to be read to him.  We are absolutely LOVING homeschool.  I feel so blessed to be able to see my baby learn and LOVE getting an education.  Thanks for reading ;)