Friday, March 18, 2016


SOOOO guys, I went to my local Walmart & found The Ice Action Elsa (normally $27) for $3. This isn't a test.  Run to check your local store to see if any are in the Clearance section!!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

My petition to help homeschooling families out ((HOPEFULLY!!)

Hey guys, so a friend of mine and I were talking about the mass amounts of money we drop every single year to homeschool our babies.  And how at tax time, we just don't see anything coming back in because we are simply not allowed to write our expenses off.  Textbooks, supplemental material, books for reading, construction paper, glue, scissors, crafts, co-op and association fees, graduations, field trips, memberships to zoos and museums, etc. The list goes on for days. We do this gladly, because it is OUR choice for our family.  However, not getting that help and paying huge chunks of our taxes to benefit schools our children won't set foot in, feels like we are being discriminated against.  College kids and kids who attend school and daycare outside the home get that credit, we should too.  This needs to be an equality thing.  We need the help too sometimes. If you feel led to sign my petition, I would be thrilled.  We just need this to at least be a consideration.  Thanks in advance guys!!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Top 10 reasons why homeschooling works for my family

If I had a nickle for every time I've been asked "WHY do you homeschool??," I'd be a rich lady. I'm also asked, "Don't you ever get sick of your kids?" And my favorite is: "I need me time and I need my own money."  My answers to those who inquire vary depending on how snotty the person asking is or what their reasoning is.  I've been told before that I'm "doing my kids a disservice" by being with them (by people who eventually had kids that see on a very minimal basis.)  I'm sorry, not trying to be ugly, but i know what works for MY family. So, here go my top twenty reasons for homeschooling, although I have hundreds or maybe thousands.

1. I homeschool because I'm able to.

I've been blessed with a husband who has us financially stable on just his income. We aren't high maintenance.  We have zero credit debt.  And not to mention that my husband absolutely backs my decision to homeschool our children.  I realize that not every family has the option.  My best friend is raising her son alone and has no financial support, leaving every bill including daycare up to her.  She provides everything without a single complaint rolling off of her lips.  She's a phenomenal mother and friend as well.  I'm beyond blessed to have her in my life.

2. We can speak freely about God and pray, whenever we want to!!

My kids LOVE to pray.  About anything and for everyone.  I'm raising absolutely well-rounded kids who have amazing faith. I'm able to do bible curriculum and answer any question they hurl at me with scripture without fear of backlash from cranky parents or a school district.  

3. I like to be with my kids.

Plain and simple.  I'm not saying that they don't drive me crazy.  They do.  Daily.  But at one point in time I was told I'd never have kids. They are my life.  I'm never going to look back on my time at home with them and wish I'd worked to give them more toys or a bigger house.  Our house is the perfect size.  And their main concern: the yard is huge. They have plenty of toys (my parents adore them and never say "No.") The folks who know me personally who've addressed my lack of income, I'm fairly certain my children will not regret my decision one bit and will look back fondly of a mom who chose them.  

4. I know my children are safe at all times.

"You can't shelter your child from everything." Blah, Blah, Blah.  By homeschooling, I am able to protect my children from school shootings (never hurts when mama is packing), from sexual predators who may be lurking inside the school, and from little punks who like to bully kids who are different than they are. My son had a speech delay because of bad ears.  He was bullied plenty of times (starting at the age of 2) because of his speech.  My son has made so much progress and playground bullying made that seem irrelevant the first time that happened.  To see stuff like that is heartbreaking as a parent.  I knew when it happened, if possible I wouldn't subject him to that on a daily basis.  Since then his speech has caught up, but I still don't have to worry about kids who take their bad home life out on my kids at school.

5. Standardized tests aren't for everyone. 

I was a horrible tester through school.  Cringed at the thought of them.  And bombed ones I had studied for for days.  It just wasn't my thing.  And SC law doesn't require any standardized testing.  Thank goodness.  My kids breeze through their schoolwork like it's nothing.  I know what they're learning and I know their weaknesses.  Eventually, we will check into testing, but no time soon.

6. iPads are taking the place of paper and pencil in schools.

My kids have iPads.  They go everywhere with us.  But they're not allowed in my classroom.  We do workbooks, activities, experiments, nature walks, read, etc.  We even watch Magic School Bus for science.  But my kids are going to learn to appreciate paper and pen!!

7. Common Core.

Common core standards are just plain stupid.  I've seen "new math" and read excerpts of sex ed that were directed to an audience as young as 8-9 year olds.  I'll pass.  My kids have learned and will continue to stack math and do it the "old school" way.  And sex ed is not in my future for nearly a decade!!

8. We like to move.

We have a big backyard with a creek and spring.  We keep a garden.  We like to visit the kids' Mimi & Papa when we please.  We love field trips.  We like long breaks between subjects to play.  The kids do karate, soccer, drums, cheer & co-op. Busy is our way of life. 

9. I love to watch my kids learn.

The look on my sons face when he read his first word at 2 years old.  My daughter's excitement when she finally wrote her name without copying it or having it spelled for her.  It's a magical thing.  I used to think I would want to be a teacher because I loved kids.  But then I realized, maybe God knew I would teach my own and be happier.

10. We make school fit around life.

Sports, doctor appointments, sickness, days Josh takes off work to be with us, field trips, etc.  When we have beautiful, sunny days with comfy temps in the middle of a rainy week, we cancel school.  We do school in pajamas most days.  We just do life and we do it comfy. 

Like I've said, there are many more reasons why this works for my family.  I'm not knocking anyone else for their choice and what works for their family.  I just figured stating it at least once daily gets old.  And sometimes, mamas who do what you do read your words and it's like a high-five to them.  We just need to stop the mommy wars, ladies.  It's not worth it.  No one is doing a better job because they do life different or because "their way is right".  The point is, you keep your kids alive and that's what counts.  Be kind to one another!!

Monday, March 7, 2016

No-Sew Fleece Blanket

 This past week Kyleigh asked me why she only had one no-sew blanket.  She also let me know that she's "not into" Hello Kitty anymore.  We decided to break down and make her a new one.  She chose her My Little Pony fabric at Hancock and helped me a little bit with this process.  Super simple.  Super soft blankets.  Here are the steps::

You will need::

(These will make fleece blankets big enough to cover a twin bed)

2.5 yards solid fleece fabric
2.5 yards themed/patterned fleece fabric
Crafting/Quilting Scissors

Lay both pieces of fleece out on top of each other. I keep my theme piece facing me since this is the side that will be facing up when in use typically.  Line them up together and begin to trim around. (Most fabric that has a copyright will have a white strip on the edge with writing.)  

Next, you are going to cut your corners.  You will cut a 4 inch by 4 inch square off of each corner of your blanket.  

Then, you will cut 1 1/2 inch strips all the way around the blanket.  These will be your knots around the edges. It doesn't matter which corner you start at either.

You will tie these strips together (the set will have a solid and printed piece.) Do This all the way around until this is your finished product.

Final Step:: ENJOY!! It took me roughly an hour and forty five minutes to make this just because my baby girl wouldn't quit trying to jump over it.  I also got pictures of her with it but they all had silly and blurry faces.