Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Super Easy, Super Cheap, Super Yummy Supper

So about a year ago, when I had more time for Pinterest, I found this recipe i wanted to try.  It was a mexican dish with Jumbo Shells.  I searched every store i went in but they only had the "Large Seashells" about the size of elbow macaroni.  
Monday, I finally found the shells I'd been looking for at Bi-Lo.  My only problem was, after all of this time spent searching, now my pin had been lost.  Instead of spending hours looking for the recipe I wanted, I devised my own::

1.25 lbs Ground Chuck
1 12 oz Box Mueller's Jumbo Shells
1 small onion
1 red bell pepper
1 green bell pepper
1 yellow bell pepper
2 cups shredded cheese (I prefer block cheese)
1 can Manwich

Preheat Oven to 400 degrees before starting.
First you start by browning your ground chuck, boiling your shells & sauteeing your veggies. 
When that is done, drain all grease & water from them.  Then take the shells and line them with cheese.  Then you add the hamburger meat, followed by the sauteed veggies.  I lined all my shells up in a baking dish, then topped them with the Manwich.  
Then, put the dish in the oven & bake for 10 minutes.
Let cool about 5-10 minutes (who likes super hot cheese??) & enjoy.  

Super Cheap and Easy meal and amazingly yummy.  My husband is a picky eater and LOVED this.  Hope you do as well.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Extreme Couponing Deals For The Week

So this week I didn't have the absolute cheapest trip ( I HAD to take advantage of the deals on ground beef) ever but i saved a TON still.  I got several things for half price or close.  I've also learned recently a trick to couponing at Bi-Lo & saving a little extra cash.  When they have BOGO sales, if you look at your receipt, they're still charging you for both items.  However, they only charge you for half the price of one per item.  So, my example is Mt. Olive Pickles.  Regular Price $3.49.  My receipt shows the price I pay is $1.74 per jar on BOGO (Which you have to pay close attention, different variations may not be tagged as BOGO but still be included in the sale).  So since you are being charged for both items still, you can use coupons on both items to reduce the price you end up paying.  Just learned this one & thought I'd share ;)

Okay, so on to my transaction.  Please keep in mind, I SHOULD have broken it down into two transactions.  I had two of the SUPER saver Bi-Lo coupons from the mail.  However, I had two rowdy children in a racecar buggy and forgot to break it down until she had begun scanning.  Note to self for future trips: Be More Patient, Save More $$$$!!

*Mt. Olive Mini Stuffers Hamburger Dill Pickle Slices (the BEST pickles, by the way) 

     -Regular Price: $3.49    
     -Sale Price on BOGO (again, NOT labeled so I didn't know to grab more jars): $1.74
     -No Coupons
*Colors Goldfish
     -Regular Price: $2.49
     -Sale Price: $1.98
     -No Coupons
*Betty Crocker Gummies (2 boxes)
     -Regular Price per box: $2.89
     -Sale Price per box: $1.99
     -No coupons
*Kraft Salad Dressing 16 oz Bottles (2 bottles)
     -Regular Price per bottle: $4.59 
     -Sale Price per bottle: $3.00
     -Target Coupon: $1.00 off 2 16 oz bottles
     -Final Price: $5.00 for both bottles
*Mueller's Jumbo Shells Pasta 12 oz box
     -Regular Price: $2.29
     -Sale Price: $1.89
     -MFR Coupon: $0.55 off one box
     -Final Price: $1.34
*Mueller's Bowtie Pasta & Rotini ( 1 box per variation)
    -Regular Price per box: $1.88 
    -Sale Price per box: $0.94
    -MFR Coupon: $0.55 off each box
    -Final Price: $0.39 per box
*Mueller's Spaghetti & Elbows (1 box per variation)
    -Regular Price per box: $1.79 
    -Sale Price per box: $0.89
    -MFR Coupon: $0.55 off each box
    -Final Price: $0.34 per box
*2 Cans Dinty Moore Beef Stew
    -Regular Price per can: $2.99
    -No Coupons
*2 Bags M & M's
    -Regular Price per bag: $0.99 
    -Sale Price per bag: $0.49
    -No Coupons
 *3 Milky Way Candy Bars
    -Regular Price per bar: $0.99 
    -Sale Price per bar: $0.49
    -No Coupons
*3- 3 Musketeers Candy Bars
    -Regular Price per bar: $0.99
    -Sale Price per bar: $0.49
    -No coupons
*2 Packs Ritz Crackers (BOGO)
   -Regular Price per box: $3.99
   -Sale Price per box: $1.99
   -Bi-Lo Catalina: $1.00 off any cookie or cracker purchase
   -Final Price: $1.99 for one box, $0.99 for the other
*2 Bottles of A1 Steak Sauce (BOGO)
   -Regular Price per bottle: $4.49
   -Sale Price per bottle: $2.24 MFR Coupon: $0.55 off one bottle (2 Coupons)
   -Final Price: $1.69 per bottle
*2 Packs Arnold Sandwich Thins Bread (BOGO)
   -Regular price per pack: $3.89
   -Sale Price per pack: $1.94
   -No Coupons
*5 Cans Starkist Tuna 
   -Regular Price per can: $1.09
   -Sale Price per can: $1.00
   -No Coupons
*Cocoa Pebbles
   -Regular Price: $3.45
   -Sale Price: $1.85
   -IBotta Offer Redeemed: $0.50
*Huggies Big Pack Size 4, 60 Count & Huggies Wipes Tub, 64 Count
   -Regular Price for diapers: $20.98
   -Regular Price for wipes: $3.28
   -Regular Price for both: $24.26
   -Sale Price for diapers: $19.99
   -Sale Price for wipes: $2.50
   -Total Sale Price: $22.49
   -Target Coupon: $1.50 WYB 1 Big Pack Huggies Diapers & 1 Pack Huggies Wipes
   -Food Lion Catalina: $4.00 off WYB 1 Box Huggies Diapers & 1 Pack Huggies Wipes
   -MFR Coupon: $1.00 Huggies Big Pack Diapers
   -MFR Coupon: $0.50 Huggies Wipes
   -Price for both after coupons: $15.49
*Brita 3 Pack Replacement Water Filters
   -Regular Price: $29.99
   -Sale Price: $19.99
   -$3.00 MFR Coupon
   -Final Price: $16.99
*2 Packs Ensure
   -Regular Price per pack:$8.99
   -$1.25 MFR Coupon (2 coupons)
   -Final Price per pack: $7.74
*2 Tubs Cool Whip (BOGO)
   -Regular Price per tub: $2.00
   -Sale Price per tub: $1.00
   -No coupons
*3.40 lbs Ground Chuck
   -Regular Price for pack: $13.91
   -Sale Price for pack: $8.47

Subtotal Before Savings: $168.25
My Savings & Coupons: $81.58
Subtotal After Savings: $86.67
Tax: $2.52
Final Total: $89.19

Again, not my best trip.  Not my goal trip.  But I saved a good bit this past trip.  I hope to remember to be more attentive & patient my next trip & have a much lower total for my next post.  Our goal is to get our household budget for groceries and fast food consumption to about $250.00 or less (i'd prefer MUCH less) a month.  We have been around $500.00 a month in the past, so we've made an improvement so far.  

I look forward to ridiculous trips where I get freebies and moneymakers in the future ;)

Friday, May 24, 2013 = Awesome Tool for Preschoolers

Chances are, if you've ever watched PBS for about an hour or two, you've seen an commercial.  We've been watching PBS for almost four years before I seriously checked them out.  I had seen they were doing a month free about a month and a half ago, so of course we jumped on it.  

The first day that I had set up an account, Kade wanted to play for two hours.  We normally don't let him get on the computer and just play, for the sole purposes of A) he's probably going to delete something he shouldn't and B) he may get online and see things he doesn't need to.  Needless to say he wasn't very coordinated and quick with the mouse when we started.  Since we've started our account, he spends no less than an hour or two on it.  He is also VERY coordinated with the mouse and beats some of these fast games.  He is currently on Level One for the 3 year olds and is at 55%.  He just thinks he's having fun and learning.  Beforehand, he already knew his shapes, colors, numbers & alphabet.  But now he's learning the concept of having to have so many tickets to buy an item in their little stores.  And often, he has to do a few more games, puzzles, etc. to get what it is that he wants.  And let me just say that getting his tickets for completing activities is so much more rewarding to him than I could ever imagine!  

To any parent considering, it's definitely worth it.  You can sign up by month or commit to a year (which we have gone ahead on).  The current price for a year is $59.  It's beyond worth it to see the new things they learn and to see them actually want to learn. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

And Some More Couponing...

So over the course of the weekend, my daddy & aunt both gave me some amazing coupons for Bilo.  One for $10 off a $50 purchase & the other for $5 off a $35 purchase.  I clipped coupons from my Greenville paper & got a few off and planned my trip out.  I split my groceries into two transactions so i could use both of the big Bilo coupons. Today i also managed to get a freebie!!

And here's what i managed to get on my trip today. 

Transaction #1::
2 Loaves of Goldfish Honey Whole Wheat Bread ($2.79 per loaf; $5.58 for both; $1 MFR coupon off two loaves; Final Price: $4.58)
Mueller's Spaghetti, Bowtie Pasta, Fettuccine, Large Seashell Pasta (Reg. Price per box: $1.88; BOGO Price for all 4 boxes: $3.76, 2 Coupons: $0.55 MFR coupon off one box, each double; Final Price: $1.56)
1 Bag of Quaker Cheddar Cheese Poppers Rice Cakes (Reg. Price:$1.89; Sale Price: $1.00; Coupon for $0.55 MFR coupon off 1 bag, doubled = FREE)
Ragu (Full Price: $2.29)
2 Boxes of Kellogg's Fruit Gummies (Reg. Price: $2.99 per box; Sale Price: $5.00 for both boxes)
Kellogg's Froot Loops (Full Price: $4.29)
Ziploc Sandwich Bags (Reg. Price: $2.38; Coupon: $0.40, doubled; Final Price: $1.58)
Luvs Diapers Big Pack (Box) (Reg. Price: $19.99; Sale Price: $16.97; Coupons: $3.00 Publix Baby Club Coupon & $1.00 Luvs MFR coupon; Final price: $12.97)
Split Breast Chicken (Reg. Price: $ 14.36 for my particular pack; Sale Price: $4.92)
Cube Steak (Reg. Price: $5.39 for my pack; Sale Price: $4.63)
Tennessee Pride Sausage (Reg. Price: $4.79; Sale Price: $2.50)
2 Onions (Full Price: $2.60)
Deli Plate (Full Price: $5.00)
**$10.00 off $50.00 purchase coupon

My Subtotal Before Savings: $81.97
My Savings: $43.04
My Subtotal After Savings: $38.93
Tax: $1.40
My Total: $40.33

Transaction #2::

Kraft 1000 Island Dressing (Reg. Price: $4.59; Sale Price: $3.00)
Mentos Gum (Full Price: $1.42)
Dr. Pepper 2 Liter (Reg. Price: $1.79; Sale Price: $1.00)
2 Jars Southern Home Alfredo Sauce (Reg. Price: $3.58 for both jars; Sale Price: $3.00 for both)
Madagascar Gummies (Full Price: $1.49)
Charmin 12 Pack (Reg. Price: $9.77; Sale Price: $8.99; Coupon: $1.00 off Bilo Catalina; Final Price: $7.99)
4 Packs Ensure (Regular Price for all packs: $35.96; Sale Price for all: $31.96; Coupons: $5.00/2 pack MFR & $3.00/2 pack Bilo Catalina; Final Price: $23.96)
2 Pet Ice Cream 1/2 Gallons (Reg. Price: $11.98; Sale Price BOGO: $5.98; Coupons: $1.00 Pet MFR & $1.00 off Bilo Catalina; Final Price: $3.98)
**$5.00 off $35.00 purchase

My Subtotal Before Savings: $70.58
My Savings: $29.74
My Subtotal Before Savings: $40.84
Tax: $0.48
My Final Total: $41.32

Between Both Transactions I Spent: $152.55
I Saved Between Both Transactions: $72.78
My Final Total Was: $81.65

I'm hoping I can get my next trip MUCH lower than this but some of these deals were too hard to pass up & I didn't have a coupon for everything I bought.  Stay tuned next week WILL be better!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

EASY Homemade BBQ Recipe

So, on Monday I found an amazing sale on Boston Butt Roast at Bilo.  I decided to buy it and attempt to make homemade barbeque.  We LOVE BBQ! But seriously, at $8 a plate, we hardly ever eat it.  I found a recipe that was simple enough to try with two kids and didn't require me to be glued to my kitchen either.  

It called for::

Boston Butt Roast
An Onion, Diced
1-16 oz. Bottle of BBQ sauce (your choice of flavor) (I used Kraft Thick & Spicy Brown Sugar-also on sale)
And about a cup of water to help steam and tenderize the roast

I cut my meat off the bone and trimmed the fat.  I started my roast cooking in my 5 quart Crockpot at 3:30 Tuesday afternoon on low.  I let it cook all night and turned it off at 8:30 am Wednesday morning so i'd have time to shred the meat before drum lessons.  Absolutely tender meat, easy to shred & YUMMY!! Also got my mama's approval (she is the toughest barbeque critic ever!!) and my husband said if i try slaw with it (I only added beans as a side this time) that it is gonna be hands down his favorite and most requested meal.

Just wanted to share this with anybody who loves barbeque but doesn't wanna pay an arm & a leg. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

**AWESOME Price on KitchenAid Stand Mixer @ Target**

After about a year of on and off talk about a KitchenAid stand mixer and how it was absolutely necessary for my kitchen, my husband came in Saturday afternoon in the pouring rain with mine (after working a 12 hour shift on one hour of sleep - what a man!)  Of course, Saturday night I'd already put it to use.  When I got my paper on Sunday morning, I noticed that Target had marked select KitchenAid appliances 20% off, this one included.  Every Target is different, but most will take your receipt and give you the difference if a competitor, or even themselves, mark an item down below the price you paid.  This morning, I went to get my 20% back.  When it comes to a $300 machine, that percentage is a big deal.  I just wanted to post this for any ladies considering buying one, this week is an awesome time!! I absolutely love mine and Target's prices aren't always this low on them!

My Grocery Haul For The Week

Yesterday we made our usual Monday grocery trip.  I still had one last $10 off $50 purchase coupon for Bi-Lo, so i looked at the ads, browsed online for coupons & picked through my coupon stash.  Keep in mind that when i list what i got, i'm just getting started.  I am NOWHERE near where i want to be as far as my grocery budget.  I want to be one of those ladies that has people saying "Oh crap, there she is again" when i walk in the store.  I've been behind that lady and been amazed at how she could get two buggies full of groceries for less that what i paid for half of one.  

Anyhow, here is my list this week::

*2 Boxes of Tetley Sweet Tea Bags (Reg. Price: $2.35 per box; Sale Price: $1.18 for BOGO)
*Tom & Jerry Gummies (Full Price: $2.89)
*2 Bottles of Kraft 1000 Island Dressing (Reg. Price: $3.29 per bottle; Sale Price: $1.65 for BOGO)
*2 Bottles of Kraft BBQ Sauce (Reg. Price: $1.56 per bottle; Sale Price: $0.78 for BOGO)
*Ground Cinnamon Shaker (Full Price: $0.99)
*HMB Buns (Full Price: $0.99)
*3 Boxes of Poptarts (Reg. Price: $2.48 per box; Sale Price: 3 Boxes for $5; Coupons-$1.00 off 3 boxes (found inside select Poptart Boxes) & Food Lion Catalina $0.75 off any Poptart purchase; Final Price for all 3 boxes: $3.25)
*1 Box of Corn Pops & Froot Loops (Reg. Price $4.29 per box; Sale Price: $2.14 per box for BOGO)
*Pillsbury Bread Flour (Reg. Price: $3.19; Sale Price: $3.00)
*2 Bottles of A1 Steak Sauce (Reg Price: $4.48 per bottle; Sale Price: $2.25 per bottle)
*2 Boxes of Entenmann's Little Bites Brownies (Reg. Price: $4.48 per box; Sale Price: $2.25 per box)
*1 Bag of Southern Home Croutons (Full Price: $1.49)
*1 Bottle of Mrs. Butterworth's Syrup (Full Price: $3.89)
*1 Jumbo Box of Eggo Chocolate Chip Waffles (Full Price: $5.89)
*DiGiorno Dipping Strips Pizza (Regular Price: $7.38; Sale Price: $5.00; Coupons: $1.00 MFR coupon & $1.50 Bilo Catalina; Final Price: $ 2.50)
*2 Packs Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast ($8.30 for both packs on BOGO)
*Boston Butt Roast (Regular Price for my particular roast: $19.20; Sale Price: $6.36)
*Land of Frost Turkey & Ham 1 lb. Packs, one each (Reg. Price: $5.59 per pack; Sale Price: $5.00 per pack)
*Cucumber (Reg. Price: $0.99; Sale Price: $0.69)

My Subtotal Before Savings: $115.39
My Savings (Don't forget my $10 coupon): $52.87
My Final Total with tax: $62.52

Again, i'm still a work in progress when it comes to being a CRAZY Coupon Lady, but i'm working on it. Thanks for reading!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Amazing Coupon Code For The Children's Place

I stumbled across an amazing coupon code for The Children's Place and couldn't resist. It states it was for an extra 20% off & free shipping.  The only catch is that it's free shipping even without the code if you spend $75 or more.  Orders under $75 are only $5 standard shipping. 

Anyhow, i got some amazing deals with the code.  For Kyleigh, a pair of sparkle ballet flats for $7.60, 2 pair of leggings for $3.19 each, 2 graphic tees for $4.80 each & a Yo Gabba shirt for $8.00.  And for Kade, 3 graphic tees for $4.80 each.  With shipping & tax , my total was $52.34.  They have an amazing sale going on right now, i have included the coupon code i used at the bottom.  Happy Shopping!!

The Coupon Code::    V8KFAY13