Monday, May 21, 2012

Pinterest Project

Food Coloring & Little Cups with vinegar
Paper towel-lined casserole dish with baking soda & my dropper from Easter eggs
5-6 drops of food coloring per cup
Set up our little station with towels to protect from clumsiness (myself that is!!)
My child informing me that he wanted me to do it.  He wanted to see the reaction,  not cause it himself.
Covering up his cold little legs & watching the fizzing.
All Done!!

Preparations For Switching To An All Cloth Household

Recently, I've been following many fellow mommy bloggers who are pretty hardcore about cloth diapering (wipes, wet bags, etc as well). I did some more research into it myself. I looked through dozens of different diapering brands, learned all of the acronyms along the way, and decided I wanted in on this! Thanks to my amazing parents for helping us along the way by buying our diapering needs for both children!!

I chose Charlie Banana one size diapers to start Ky off with. We bought 12 of the Tutti Fruitti one size diapers, 12 extra Medium/Large inserts, Planet Wise hanging diaper pail, 90 Tender Bottoms (on Etsy) cloth wipes (for both kids), PW cloth wipe case & a PW Medium wet bag. We have already started using our wipes and they are amazing. I highly recommend checking out Tender Bottoms on Etsy!!

I spent about 4 hours washing all of my stash up and hanging them in various places to dry. I've discovered we now need a folding drying rack as a result.

I haven't run out of disposable diapers yet but I wanted to be completely set up for our first day =)

Look for updates coming soon!!

Here are some pictures of my stash as well!!

This is only the first set of 30 we bought. The two new sets are washing as I type this.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Cow Creamery

Since 2009, Happy Cow has been part of our grocery routine & a source of entertainment for my son who is now in LOVE with cows. Every turn on the way there, he yells out cow and gets more excited. Not to mention that the Pametto Bakery Cinnamon Swirl bread is a necessity at our house, thanks to a certain particular eater. The ladies there receive a call from me once a week and hold several loaves of bread for us. Not to mention we usually find all sorts of neat food & knick knacks there. If you haven't been there and live near or in Pelzer, SC, its definitely worth the trip!!
Here's our birdhouse for our future home & our bread stash from our last trip.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Homemade Birdfeeders

So i'm a bit behind on this but back in February i decided to do a Pinterest project with Kade at his Mimi & Papa's House.  We made homemade bird feeders using plastic plates, paper towel rolls, pinecones, peanut butter, a nail, fishing line & birdseed, of course. And here were our results step-by-step. 

This wasn't a step, just a sleepy girl passed out on Mimi's sleeper sofa =)