Monday, June 4, 2012

One Month of Cloth Diapering

About a month ago I went ahead and switched Kyleigh to her Charlie Banana diapers and cloth wipes for both kids. I have been anxious for a long time to dwindle down our disposable stash to get started. Also I'd been nervous about not having a fancy sprayer to connect to my toilet like many other CD mommies I'd seen. So I figured out a way that works out for me, saving me oodles of money as well. I bought a cheap spray bottle from Walmart, filled it with water & a little bit of Dreft.

I started about a month ago while I still had a decent supply of disposables as a backup just incase I didn't like the whole concept of cleaning the poo off of the inserts or incase she didn't like them for whatever reason.

Now that I'm typing this post up, I can tell you I put entirely too much thought into what my experience would be and nearly talked myself out of something I truly LOVE now. I won't lie, my first few days I went through the shuffling of the baby & the covers and inserts to avoid a completely stinky mess. By day 3 I'd gotten my routine down pat! And now it's like clockwork. We use 2 inserts at a time. Since Ky is rolling but isn't such a squirmed that she knocks inserts out, I lay them on top to avoid going through a cover for each diaper change. I wash diapers every night when the kids are asleep and I've never run out of diapers or inserts between washes =)

I wish I'd known about all of the options cloth diapering has now when my son was born! I assumed I'd be stuck with flat diapers that require safety pins and leak pee and poo everywhere!! Despite the fact that I won a free year of diapers with Huggies when he was 6 months old we still spent SO much money on disposables. Our house fund would be much more hefty if I'd known then what I know now!! However, you live and you learn. And cloth has definitely made life a little less rashy and more comfy in this house!!