Monday, June 17, 2013

No Ink Cartridges Still...BUT Awesome Luvs Diaper Deal!!

So it's finally starting to get under my skin that I don't have any ink left in my printer to print off coupons.  And the fact that I can save coupons to my loyalty cards keeps slipping my mind.  However, I did score some awesome deals this week.  

I will tell any parent who is tired of paying out ridiculous amounts on Luvs & Pampers diapers, sign up for Publix coupons, Publix Baby Club, and P & G coupons.  ALSO for  I get their seasonal booklets with up to $40 in coupons and in about every other booklet, they have a coupon for $10 off any 2 boxes of Luvs or Pampers diapers.  AWESOME Deal!  And for anybody who doesn't have a Publix nearby, Bi-Lo (my regular store) accepts competitor's coupons.

Okay, so onto my deals for this week::

2 Boxes of Luvs Size 4 Diapers 
    *Regular Price per box: $19.99
    *Sale Price per box: $17.99
    *Publix Coupon $10 off any 2 boxes of Luvs or Pampers diapers
    *Final Price for both boxes: $25.98
Febreeze Air Effects
    *Regular Price: $3.29
    *Sale Price: $1.97
    *MFR Coupon: $1.50 off any one
    *Final Price: $0.47
2 Bottles Palmolive Soft Touch Hand Soap
    *Regular Price per bottle: $3.99
    *Sale Price per bottle: $2.50
    *MFR coupon for $1/2 bottles
    *Final price per bottle: $2.00

Okay so i got a TON of stuff i had to pay full price or sale price for this week.  But my total before savings was $117.83 and I still have my $10 off any $50 purchase so I still managed to save $46.64 between sales and the 4 coupons I had.  Still getting the hang & will hopefully have a better list and total next time =)

Friday, June 7, 2013

This Week's Couponing Trip

So I'm a tad bit behind this week.  I made a trip to do my couponing on Monday but I've just now got around to doing this.  I got a few freebies this week.  I'm trying to apply a few more of the tips I've learned about Bi-Lo's couponing policies to my shopping there.  Anyways, here goes::

Transaction #1
*Hawaiian Punch Aloha Morning Berry 1 gallon 
       *Reg Price: $2.50
        *Sale Price: $2.00
          *Target Coupon For $1.00 
            MFR Coupon: $1.10
           *Final Price: FREE
*3 Boxes Poptarts 
        *Reg Price For All Boxes: $7.44
         *Sale Price For All Boxes: $6.00
          *2 Bilo Catalinas For $1.00 off
           *Final Price: $4.00 for 3 Boxes, One Box FREE
*4 Boxes Kellogg's Fruit Gummies
        *Reg Price For All Boxes: $11.96
          *Sale Price For All Boxes: $10.00
            *Target Coupon For $1.00 off 3 boxes
              *Final Price: $9.00 for 4 boxes
*2 12 Packs of Cottonelle Toilet Paper & 1 Tub Cottonelle Flushable Wipes
          *Reg Price For Both Packs TP: $19.96
            *Sale Price For Both Packs TP: $12.00
              *Reg Price For Tub of Wipes: $2.77 (Not on Sale)
                *Price for 2 Packs TP & Tub of Wipes: $14.77
                *Coupons: $1.50 MFR for 12 pack & tub of wipes 
                                   $0.50 MFR TP
                                   $0.50 MFR Wipes
                                   $1.00 Ingles Catalina off TP
                                   $1.00 Bilo Catalina off TP 
                 *Final Price on TP & Wipes: $10.27
*Pampers 212 Count Wipes
            *Reg Price: $7.58
              *Sale Price: $6.38
               *MFR Coupon: $2.00
                 *Final Price: $4.38
*4 Boxes 12 Count Go-Gurt          
             *Reg Price For All: $11.96 (Not on Sale)
              *2 MFR Coupons For $0.75
               *Final Price: $10.46
*DiGiorno Rising Crust Pizza
             *Reg Price: $7.38
              *Sale Price: $5.00
                *MFR Coupon $1.50
                  Target Coupon $0.50
                 *Final Price: $3.50
*1 lb Ground Turkey
              *Reg Price: $4.79
                *Sale & Final Price: $3.99
*2 packs Oscar Meyer Turkey Weenies
              *Reg Price for both: $10.78
                *Sale Price for both: $7.98
                  *2 Target Coupons for $0.75
*Bi-Lo Coupon For $10.00 off $50.00 purchase

*Subtotal Before Savings: $87.12
*My Savings: $48.89
*Subtotal After Savings:  $38.23
*Tax: $1.18
*Paid: $39.41

Transaction #2
*3  8 oz bottles Kraft Salad Dressing
             *Reg Price per bottle: $2.09
              *Sale & Final Price per bottle: $1.00
*Ruffles Potato Chips
             *Reg Price: $4.29 
               *Sale & Final Price: $2.50
*Hot Dog Buns
             *Reg & Final Price: $0.99
*3 Cans Dinty Moore Beef Stew
             *Reg Price per can: $2.99
              *Sale & Final Price per can: $2.50
*1 box Corn Pops & Froot Loops Cereal BOGO
             *Reg Price per box: $4.44
                *Sale & Final Price per box: $2.22]
*2 Packs Mentos Gum
             *Reg Price for both: $3.16
               *Sale & Final  Price for both: $1.00
*Febreeze Air Effects
              *Reg Price: $3.29
               *Sale Price: $3.00
                *MFR Coupon $1.50
                 *Final Price: $1.50
*8 Cups Chobani Yogurt
              *Reg Price per cup: $2.78 
               *Sale Price per cup: $1.00 
*Broccoli Crowns
              *Reg Price: $2.34
              *Sale & Final Price: 0.93
*2 Zucchini
               *Reg Price: $1.73
                 *Sale & Final Price: $1.12
*2 Squash
               *Reg Price: $1.81
                *Sale Price: $1.17
*Bi-Lo Coupon for $5.00 off $35.00 purchase

*Subtotal Before Savings: $52.70
*My Savings: $24.21
*Subtotal After Savings: $28.49
*Tax: $.18
*Paid: $28.67


$139.82 of Groceries for $68.08