Monday, December 28, 2015

DIY Lego Table from Ikea Lack

My babies have been SO into Legos for a while.  My son is a major Minecraft fanatic and my daughter had sweet-talked her Mimi into buying her the Elsa Ice Castle Lego set. With several sets on their way to our house, I started Googling to see how pricey Lego tables can run you.  RIDICULOUS!! Some of the cheaper ones were more expensive than making my own from Ikea would be.  I decided to buy two Ikea Lack tables. The white one for my daughter was on sale for $7.99 and my son's green one was $9.99.  Shipping ran me $10.  I got on Amazon & found the gray 48x48 Lego Classic Baseplates for $14.99 with free shipping with my Prime account.  I read that the Gorilla Wood Glue would be my best bet at getting the baseplates to stick to the table.  This ran me $4 at Walmart.  It took all of 5 minutes to glue the baseplates on and I let them dry overnight.  Screwing the legs into the tables took the longest amount of time.  I spent roughly $63 on the supplies and a whopping total of about 40 minutes making both tables.  The kids were SO surprised Christmas morning and love them already.  They've been put to the test and when you use the Lego pry tool, the baseplates do not budge or show any signs of loosening from the table top.  I highly recommend making one if your kids are into Legos and you don't want to spend a small fortune!!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Tomoson Review

I tried using Tomoson a few months back.  I was emailed by a fellow blogger and invited to join and told of what a great opportunity it would be to make some money on the side.  I mean what mama couldn't use a few extra dollars?? Especially at Christmas at that!?!? 

I signed up and quickly started applying to different promotions.  I got invited to a few that weren't paid opportunities.  I'm guessing this was because I was a newbie.  Although maybe there aren't any where you make money.  I wouldn't know.  I didn't make it that far.  

I ran into a few bumps in the road with the promotion codes being provided by my sellers.  Which then led to me receiving my products later than I'd expected.  GREAT products by the way.  However, being behind on the dates I was to review by was an issue.  I reviewed my products on my blog & had them verified (or so I thought via the website.)  Then the next week, I tried to log in to add some new promos to my listing.  I was informed that my account was suspended for 0% activity.  

I'm not saying that they are a scam site.  I have no idea.  But I was given NO chance to find out otherwise.  Also, their communication is slack.  I sent several emails trying to see about getting my account reactivated.  No such luck.  I received an email this past week that was supposedly forwarded to another department to be reviewed for reactivation.  

I would steer clear of this site if you are looking for a way to make some money quick.  Sites like Opinion Outpost and NCP are a guaranteed way!! 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Wallpaper Removal Made Easy!!

I don't have many pictures of my daughter's room at our new house showing the hideous wallpaper, but now I've got a few with some of it gone.  We decided to paint the kids' rooms for Christmas and the wallpaper had to go.  The zebra pattern seemed to burn my eyes everytime I stepped in Kyleigh's room.  I made a little concoction in a $0.97 spray bottle from Walmart and it started to peel away.  

I added about 1/3 of the bottle full of Vinegar.  Just plain, white, distilled Vinegar.  And the rest of the bottle was filled with boiling water (by a funnel...burns on the hands are no joke.)  I sprayed it on the walls and let it set and do it's magic for about 15 minutes.  My kids absolutely loved peeling and trashing the wallpaper.  It took about an hour and fifteen minutes due to having to refill the bottle three times and tend to kids in between.  But overall was fairly easy.  I still have a few pieces left that I couldn't get to due to our school work and playtime outside.  Along with my daughter's monogram in the way.  Below are pictures of the process.  Enjoy and good luck to any others attempting to remove this pesky mess!!