Monday, June 30, 2014

Update's been just a little while since my last entry.  We've managed to get settled back into our home since the last time I posted.  

Kade was discharged from OT May 29th.  A happy & bittersweet day for all involved.  His Occupational Therapist was a TRUE Saint.  Seriously, the most generous woman I've been privileged to meet in my life.  I've had several doctors & nurses breeze through my children's life.  I can tell the truly, genuine ones from the ones who solely do their job for the money.  Miss Cathy is anything but.  She has called to check on my child when he was sick.  She has attentively listened to anything he's had to say and let him lead therapy many times.  There were many tears shed during the day he graduated from everybody.  Luckily, I've managed to make a friend for life.  She helped my child overcome his issues with textures of foods after having his horrible, obstructive tonsils removed.  I will forever owe her for all she has done for him.  

I managed to completely potty train Kyleigh in one weekend.  She decided she wanted to poop on my parents' sidewalk one day so I ran with it.  We made the switch to ALL panties and BOOM, she loved it.  Life has been MUCH easier not having to have pull-ups and diapers in my bags.  

We signed up for our Homeschool Association & Accountability groups.  I waited patiently to hear back and worried for a while they may have too many applications for us to be accepted.  Long story short, Kade and his best friend were both accepted.  **Happy Dance** Field Trips will not be painfully awkward because we already have friends in our group!!  I finally settled on my choices for curriculum as far as Math & Science goes.  I managed to score a brand new Math textbook & manipulatives packet on Amazon for a whopping $25.  Happy mama over here.  I've also got our supplemental workbooks & his Science notebooking journal in as well.  Working on finding more deals to save us a ton.  Using them for two children makes it even sweeter.

My sweet Kade celebrated his 5th birthday June 17th.  I will be writing up his baby story as I find the time.  Kyleigh is in the terrible, horrific & difficult twos stage right now.  Therefore, my posts will be random.  Bear with me. 

Kyleigh started ballet.  I signed her up for a Mom & Tot dance class with my best friend and her little girl.  Kyleigh loves dance & loves taking it with her best friend as well.  Win for everyone involved.  I get quality time with my best friend & our daughters in one swoop.  I'm hoping Kyleigh will hopefully gain more confidence and grow a love for dance that will stick with her!

We added a new family member last week.  A 13 week old kitten that I actually fed with a syringe for a while.  His name is Godzilla (Kade is currently obsessed with EVERYTHING Godzilla.  He loves the movies, even the ones that are in Japanese with English subtitles.  

And we've also ALL been hit by a horrific stomach bug.  Different symptoms for the adults, but MUCH suffering and weakness for the littles.  Kade seriously didn't run around for 36 hours.  NOT typical Kade.  Luckily, we are all free of it now.  Hopefully I'll manage to post more frequently from here on out.

Thanks for reading!!