Friday, August 28, 2015

Little Tikes Playhouse Makeover....Doc Clinic Edition

A few years ago, I saw this playhouse sitting on the side of the road.  I never had one when I was growing up so I whined and pleaded with Josh to get it for me.  The day he went by to ask about it, he showed up at my parents with it crammed in the back of his Ford.  Kade was tickled.  And Kyleigh couldn't walk yet, so she wasn't the biggest fan.  It was faded out, missing a shutter, and had rusted hinges and knobs that had been replaced.  But for $30, it was a steal!! I have checked these houses out now. One similar would cost us at least $150.  

This playhouse sat at my parents for a while.  When we got situated in our old house, we took it with us.  And of course, it was rarely played in.  Mostly used for sitting on the roof and watching lightning bugs in the summer.  I told my daughter back then that I would turn it into a Doc McStuffins clinic for her.  Which, a year and a half later I have come through on.  Back in May, I got tired of looking at it sitting in the fenced yard.  Faded out and rusted.  I went online, found a picture of the colors of Doc's clinic and took a trip to Walmart.  I found Rustoleum Seaside, Marigold & Apple Red in High Gloss.  Spraypainting wasn't the headache on this project, taking it apart to paint it all different colors was.  

(Somewhat finished!!)

I ran out of the Seaside Blue (which I've been unable to locate, until now on Amazon.)  I'll be posting more pictures of the finished product.  I only have the tiny part at the base left.  Then i'll be moving on to the inside.  And I haven't decided what i'll do to it.  But this is a huge improvement from the eyesore it was before.  The kids also have another Little Tikes Playhouse at my parents I'll be doing once I'm finished with this one.  I'm thinking i'll let Kade pick out what theme we will go with for it.  Keep checking back for updates of the finished outside & interior ;)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Homeschool Mama's Lifesaver

Kyleigh has been sitting at the table for three years (the entire time Kade has been doing structured homeschooling lessons.) The first year she had a paci and would absorb everything while coloring. Last year, she did K3 and she had her own time at the table while Kade was between subjects. 

However, this year has had my nerves SHOT. She has been insisting on being at the table while we are doing our lessons. She's picking at Kade constantly while I'm trying to teach. It's been rough. While at soccer camp with Kade last month, a friend of mine asked if I'd heard of distraction boards. A friend of hers bought a trifold project board, pack of crayons & stickers. The youngest then makes the board and has to leave it up to do their work and try to be quiet. 

After searching every dollar store with no luck, I finally found my board at Walmart ($1.97). I have stickers and crayons coming out of my ears at home. Go figure. This was actually FUN for Kyleigh to make. I don't have a finished picture of her board (she's constantly changing and adding things.) 

So far, I will say it's been SO worth it. She finds her board as her hiding space. Of course I got Kade one too. 

Just wanted to throw this out there for any mamas who are clinging tightly to their sanity while trying to school a preschooler and elementary aged child 😉

Monday, August 10, 2015

Back To School 2015-2016 School Year

We started our school year a TAD early. July is never too early to start back, right? Why did I start back so soon? I don't do heat. I don't mind taking the kids outside, really. But when it's 101 and they want to stay outside for an hour or longer. No. Also, sickness hit my house HARD in the spring this year. Taking a week out of my school year due to the flu and major respiratory ailments. I also decided that I want to incorporate more field trips this year. We did like 3 this past year. And we just need some days where we play outside in the 70 degree weather all day. Oh the joys of homeschooling. I wanted to throw in pictures of our first day. Please check out what they want to be when they grow up 😉