Monday, October 27, 2014

Gruffalo Mask

This year for Halloween, my child HAD to pick something super unique and super expensive.  He chose The Gruffalo.  About 2 years ago, his daddy had let him get the movie at the store.  He got very into it and let it go every bit as quickly.  THEN.  But within the last month, his love for The Gruffalo came back.  He has a Halloween drum recital and chose "The Snake" from the movie as his song.  So of course, his costume needs to reflect it.  I searched for costumes on Amazon.  $85.  And that's not happening with a one-income family.  So, I got on Pinterest and found an inspiration.  Except, The Gruffalo from the book doesn't have hair.

This was my inspiration for my Gruffalo mask. 

And THIS is mine =) I'm a proud mama.  And my child absolutely loves it.  

My Materials List::

4 pieces of Dark Brown felt (incase i totally wrecked it)
1 piece of orange felt
1 piece of white felt
1 piece of green felt
Brown sturdy thread
Double-sided tape
And a flimsy cardboard box (I used one from a box of granola bars)

I traced everything out on the felt before I did any cutting. 

For his ears & tusks, I cut the pattern and stuffed them with a piece of the cardboard before sewing.  They are very sturdy.  All pieces were sewn on.  Then for his jaw area to be sturdy, I stuffed them with cardboard as well and sewed along the jaw area.  NOT across his face though.  That is where the double-sided tape came in.  I also used a piece of cardboard on his forehead.  I used double-sided tape and felt so it wouldn't irritate my child all night.  

I poked holes and ran my ribbon through them.  Then, the velcro was sewn into place.  

And then, you have a Gruffalo ;)