Monday, March 26, 2012

Smart as a whip

Thanks to a lovely combination of ear tubes & educational DVDs, Kade is popping off all sorts of new words. Since his surgery, he has learned: 'Ky-Gee' (his sister, Kyleigh), Flag (he points every single flag out on tv, products & going down the road), circle, he has counted from 0-10, learned most of his colors and body parts & is able to express his love for ice. Not to forget 'Puppy'. My absolute favorite word he says =)

He is also becoming a more polite child. He now says "I'm sorry" about every little thing, 'Welcome', he's been saying 'Thank You' & 'Please' for nearly a year but uses it everytime he wants or receives something.

My favorite part of all of this has been the fact that my son can read his first word yesterday!! We bought Kade Preschool Prep Company DVDs to help him learn his letters, colors, numbers & shapes. This weekend we bought 'Meet The Sight Words 1'. I spelled all of the words off for him while he was busy playing blocks the first go around. Then the DVD goes back over the words shortly after. Before the word 'play' was even pronounced Kade yelled out "Play!". This DVD will be on replay at the Chastain house for sure!! If you are a SAHM, these DVDs are easy to pop in while you cook supper or do housework and they benefit your children SO much!!

Sorry for going on but I just had to brag on him!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Kyleigh's First Attempt With Baby Food

Last night we decided it was time to start attempting to feed Kyleigh baby food since she has her first tooth cutting. I put a sequence of pictures below showing all that was spit back out and all the funny faces she made while her daddy fed her & i snapped pictures.

Our Week In Pictures Part 1

82 Degrees Outside, Perfect Reason for her to wear her first dress!!

Sleepy Girl

She finally gave in

Kade has discovered a new love for cake

To be precise, stealing mommy's icing...

...And then stealing the whole piece

Beyond worn out after a long playdate

Kyleigh & Brady playing

They were not quite sure why Kade wouldn't sit for the picture.

Not a happy camper.

Kyleigh being the happy baby she is.

Kitty massaging the dog pillow pet.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kade's Earplugs

Kade's New Earplugs. They fit perfect. We are officially ready for summertime and long days spent in the pool! Hopefully we won't have anymore ear infections.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Disney Movie Rewards

About a year ago, Josh and I went out on a date and decided to go buy Kade some new movies. He had gotten bored with the ones he had and we constantly had to switch movies out over the course of the day. When we got home that night, we opened all the cases and put the DVDs in his DVD wallet (we keep all of our movies in DVD wallets to save space & make it easier to get to several at once).

I noticed that all of his Disney movies had rewards codes inside with details about how to earn free rewards. I figured since it was free and we buy do many Disney movies and shows on DVD it was worth checking into.

First you start by registering at After that, it's as simple as entering all of the codes for Disney movies you have. Even some adult movies by Disney have the codes included.

Since we started using the rewards program, we've managed to get 3 Handy Manny DVDs, The Pacifier, 2 Little Einstein DVDs, Valiant, The Gamr Plan & Home on the Range is currently on its way. They have a wide variety of rewards, down to tours of the disney resorts and it's 100% free.

I wanted to share this with my mommy friends. It only takes a few minutes and your Disney purchases pay back for themselves.


Last Sunday, I started having some issues with coughing, sore throat & runny nose.  I made the decision to go to the doctor so i could nip this in the bud before it got too nasty. Both the kids & myself had just gotten over a viral upper respiratory infection just two weeks before.  Needless to say, it's absolutely difficult to be sick and tending to housework, cooking & my two young children. That week was rough.

Before I got a chance to finish my Z-Pack, Kyleigh got a little cough. Nothing much I was overly worried about since she tends to cough when anybody around her coughs to be goofy. The next morning her cough had worsened and Kade started hacking every bit as bad as she was. I managed to get the kids in with the doctor just 2 hours later. I was told that both of them had yet another viral upper respiratory infection. This time I was almost back to myself and figured it would be easier this time. Not the case. This time they were both double-whammied with a bit of a stomach bug as well.

Kyleigh has thrown up several times & Kade only once. My past week and few days have been full of Pedialyte, Pediasure, Triaminic, Motrin, Tylenol. Not to mention a can of Lysol Disinfecting Spray, Lysol Wipes, many baths for everyone (being covered in baby vomit is NOT a pleasant feeling or smell) and loads of laundry.

Our main issue now is using our saline drops, suction bulbs, staying hydrated & trying to convince my two year old to wash his hands and cough inside his shirt to keep his germs to himself. As well as trying to get us all back into the groove of everyone sleeping all night long.

I have my work cut out for me. Hopefully my next post will come from a more-tested & congestion-free lady.