Sunday, March 24, 2013


Soooo, it's been a while since i've had the chance (or the amount of sleep to stay awake) to blog.  Chasing around my one & three year old are quite time-consuming but more rewarding than anything in this world.  I'm still at home full-time, with intentions of homeschooling.  I re-dedicated my life to God last June and SO much has fallen into place for my family.  We are absolutely blessed to be part of such an amazing & supportive church.  My babies have made so many friends & I have been able to reconnect with my church family.  I spend my Sunday mornings in worship & my Wednesday nights helping with the preteens in Awanas.  Kade has earned so many badges in Cubbies it's insane.  Kyleigh has made a few friends and learned that mommy isn't abandoning her.  

My parents built a barn & fenced in their woods to start a little farm.  Keeping woods cut down so they won't become a forest was too much work.  Plus we've all learned that goats are pretty awesome creatures.  Most of our time spent at the grandparents on the weekend is spent chasing goats, doodling with sidewalk chalk on their horns & "fishing" for crawfish.  More critters to come soon!

Kade continued to have speech trouble due to his frequent ear infections.  He could show how smart he was from his sight word, number, letter, color & shape DVDs.  He just lacked the ability to form good sentences & communicate like some children his age.  We got a speech referral last June & by October he had his first appointment for therapy.  Within the first month he was communicating his wants/needs and carrying on normal conversation.  He is still working on making choices & asking and answering complex questions.  The first time he told me he loved me was July 30th 2012.  Never forget that day.  He now says his prayers alone at bedtime.  He has made so many friends at church.  His progress has been a true blessing. 

Also, Kade continued to have ear infections after the first set of tubes.  The first one was within a month of the surgery.  Then they continued over the summer.  By September, his ENT had come to the decision that his tonsils were obstructive.  He snored in his sleep, continued to have ear infections (which may lead to chronic ear infections, sleep apnea & speech troubles), and had frequent night wakings.  In October, we scheduled a second set of tubes along with a tonsillectomy.  This required an overnight stay due to his age & weight.  Everytime somebody entered our room after his surgery he screamed.  He was absolutely terrified.  We were visited by Mimi & Papa, Sissy & our friends from church.  We had many prayers over him.  He wouldn't eat in the hospital until his IV "cast" was removed and were warned he would be prone to bleeding from the lack of fluids.  NOT ONE BIT.  The only complication we ran into was the fever a week later from the scabs falling off his throat.  And I've become quite the fan of the surgery.  No more night wakings unless he's throwing up, no snoring & only one ear infection since the surgery.  

Next month we will be listing our house and hopefully selling ASAP.  We hope to be building our new home on our land by the end of the year.  Many more things to come in 2013, just playing catch-up!!