Tuesday, September 1, 2015

...Annnnnd we FINALLY lost a tooth

I was starting to get worried when Kade hadn't lost a tooth.  I asked his dentist at his last checkup in May since nearly every one of his friends had lost a tooth (or 4) by the time they turned 6.  He told me that basically just means I'm taking good care of his teeth and that they basically just hang out unless they take a huge hit.   

Well that hit took place about 3 weeks ago at a birthday party.  Kade slid down the water slide and straight into his sister's hard head.  Lots of swelling, a huge cut, and a bruised gum. NO loose teeth that day.  

A little over a week ago, we finally saw some wiggling from a bottom tooth.  Which then turned into hours of wiggling, annoyance, not eating well & tons of frustration!! I finally pleaded with my child to let my aunt tug on it at church Sunday. (Somebody at church had told him the tooth fairy gives $20 for the first tooth you lose!) And he was game, Legos aren't cheap but he knows his mama is!! It began pouring blood which made him FURIOUS to say the least.  He milked it for a while until I asked him to watch "The Tooth Fairy" (the version with the Rock in it. NOT the horror story!!) He started to really understand the concept and agreed to let us get it out, but only the way his drum teacher suggested.  String, Tooth & Door.  You get the picture.  We totally got a video to post on our YouTube Channel for that as well.  I'll work on getting it uploaded over the next few days.  If you want to check it out, you can find a link to our channel on the sidebar ;)  

And now, pictures of the snaggle tooth!!